Monkleigh, Devon, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Asheton, George  1697Monkleigh, Devon, England I4960
2 Asheton, Mary  1728Monkleigh, Devon, England I4961
3 Essery, Elizabeth  1739Monkleigh, Devon, England I5838
4 Essery, Ruth  1743Monkleigh, Devon, England I5840
5 Essery, Thomas  1741Monkleigh, Devon, England I5839
6 Ley, Alexander  1616Monkleigh, Devon, England I5322
7 Ley, Alexander  1649Monkleigh, Devon, England I5326
8 Ley, Alexander  1708Monkleigh, Devon, England I657
9 Ley, Dorothy  Feb 1710Monkleigh, Devon, England I880
10 Ley, Elizabeth  1703Monkleigh, Devon, England I717
11 Ley, Elizabeth  1726Monkleigh, Devon, England I5279
12 Ley, Grace  Oct 1700Monkleigh, Devon, England I876
13 Ley, Hugh  1709Monkleigh, Devon, England I2
14 Ley, James  1699Monkleigh, Devon, England I877
15 Ley, James  Nov 1733Monkleigh, Devon, England I4958
16 Ley, Jeremiah  1714Monkleigh, Devon, England I882
17 Ley, John  1643Monkleigh, Devon, England I5327
18 Ley, John  1688Monkleigh, Devon, England I5805
19 Ley, John  1705Monkleigh, Devon, England I666
20 Ley, Margaret  1695Monkleigh, Devon, England I879
21 Ley, Marie  1647Monkleigh, Devon, England I5325
22 Ley, Mary  1672Monkleigh, Devon, England I5806
23 Ley, Mary  1701Monkleigh, Devon, England I718
24 Ley, Stephen  1697Monkleigh, Devon, England I878
25 Ley, Stephen  1729Monkleigh, Devon, England I4911
26 Ley, Thomas  1640Monkleigh, Devon, England I5324
27 Ley, William  1680Monkleigh, Devon, England I5804
28 Ley, William  1713Monkleigh, Devon, England I881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Asheton, George  16 Aug 1697Monkleigh, Devon, England I4960
2 Essery, Elizabeth  Monkleigh, Devon, England I5838
3 Essery, Ruth  Monkleigh, Devon, England I5840
4 Essery, Thomas  Monkleigh, Devon, England I5839
5 Ley, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1726Monkleigh, Devon, England I5279
6 Ley, Grace  3 Oct 1700Monkleigh, Devon, England I876
7 Ley, James  30 Nov 1733Monkleigh, Devon, England I4958
8 Ley, Stephen  1729Monkleigh, Devon, England I4911
9 Ley, Thomas  1724Monkleigh, Devon, England I4910
10 Prust, John  6 Feb 1659Monkleigh, Devon, England I5807


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Agnes  1683Monkleigh, Devon, England I5323
2 Asheton, George  Oct 1729Monkleigh, Devon, England I4960
3 Asheton, Mary  Jan 1729Monkleigh, Devon, England I4961
4 Bridgman, Elizabeth  1633Monkleigh, Devon, England I5316
5 Essery, John  Jan 1760Monkleigh, Devon, England I5836
6 Essery, John  Mar 1770Monkleigh, Devon, England I5835
7 Heyman, Jane  Mar 1708Monkleigh, Devon, England I5832
8 Holland, Mary  1704Monkleigh, Devon, England I5414
9 Ley, Alexander  1712Monkleigh, Devon, England I5326
10 Ley, Elizabeth  Jan 1704Monkleigh, Devon, England I717
11 Ley, Hugh  Apr 1731Monkleigh, Devon, England I2
12 Ley, Jeremiah  Sep 1760Monkleigh, Devon, England I882
13 Ley, John  Sep 1673Monkleigh, Devon, England I5327
14 Ley, John  1713Monkleigh, Devon, England I5805
15 Ley, Margaret  May 1733Monkleigh, Devon, England I4919
16 Ley, Mary  Aug 1767Monkleigh, Devon, England I718
17 Ley, Thomas  Oct 1636Monkleigh, Devon, England I5315
18 Ley, Thomas  1675Monkleigh, Devon, England I5324
19 Ley, Thomas  Oct 1743Monkleigh, Devon, England I597
20 Mill, Margarett  Apr 1731Monkleigh, Devon, England I598
21 Nethaway, Mary  Aug 1734Monkleigh, Devon, England I4918
22 Prust, John  Jul 1695Monkleigh, Devon, England I5807
23 Vigures, Elizabeth  Dec 1725Monkleigh, Devon, England I5434
24 Yeo, John  1690Monkleigh, Devon, England I5435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Asheton, George  18 Oct 1729Monkleigh, Devon, England I4960
2 Bridgman, Elizabeth  1633Monkleigh, Devon, England I5316
3 Essery, John  26 Jan 1760Monkleigh, Devon, England I5836
4 Essery, John  1 Mar 1770Monkleigh, Devon, England I5835
5 Essery, Ruth  1 Nov 1768Monkleigh, Devon, England I5840
6 Heyman, Jane  15 Mar 1708Monkleigh, Devon, England I5832
7 Ley, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1704Monkleigh, Devon, England I717
8 Ley, Hugh  25 Apr 1731Monkleigh, Devon, England I2
9 Ley, Jeremiah  30 Sep 1760Monkleigh, Devon, England I882
10 Ley, John  Monkleigh, Devon, England I5327
11 Ley, Margaret  22 May 1733Monkleigh, Devon, England I4919
12 Ley, Mary  17 Oct 1711Monkleigh, Devon, England  I5806
13 Ley, Mary  7 Aug 1767Monkleigh, Devon, England I718
14 Ley, Thomas  7 Oct 1743Monkleigh, Devon, England I597
15 Ley, Thomas  1781Monkleigh, Devon, England I4910
16 Mill, Margarett  27 Apr 1731Monkleigh, Devon, England I598
17 Nethaway, Mary  6 Aug 1734Monkleigh, Devon, England I4918
18 Prust, John  22 Jul 1695Monkleigh, Devon, England I5807
19 Vigures, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1725Monkleigh, Devon, England I5434
20 Yeo, John  Monkleigh, Devon, England I5435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ley, Alexander  8 Apr 1708Monkleigh, Devon, England I657
2 Ley, Dorothy  15 Feb 1710Monkleigh, Devon, England I880
3 Ley, Elizabeth  27 Oct 1703Monkleigh, Devon, England I717
4 Ley, Hugh  13 Jul 1709Monkleigh, Devon, England I2
5 Ley, James  5 Jul 1699Monkleigh, Devon, England I877
6 Ley, Jeremiah  13 Mar 1714Monkleigh, Devon, England I882
7 Ley, John  18 Feb 1705Monkleigh, Devon, England I666
8 Ley, Margaret  23 Jan 1695Monkleigh, Devon, England I879
9 Ley, Mary  16 Oct 1701Monkleigh, Devon, England I718
10 Ley, Stephen  29 Apr 1697Monkleigh, Devon, England I878
11 Ley, William  29 Oct 1713Monkleigh, Devon, England I881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Essery, John  Monkleigh, Devon, England I5835
2 Ley, Alexander  Monkleigh, Devon, England I5326
3 Ley, Jeremiah  Monkleigh, Devon, England I882
4 Ley, Thomas  Monkleigh, Devon, England I597


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Asheton / Ley  16 Apr 1727Monkleigh, Devon, England F1906
2 Downe / Ley  1708Monkleigh, Devon, England F2249
3 Essery / Ley  12 Jul 1733Monkleigh, Devon, England F2255
4 Ley / Heyman  5 Apr 1703Monkleigh, Devon, England F2252
5 Ley / Nethaway  9 Feb 1731Monkleigh, Devon, England F1893
6 Ley / Potter  15 Mar 1709Monkleigh, Devon, England F2253
7 Ley / Rosier  May 1712Monkleigh, Devon, England F2254
8 Ley / Whitefield  17 Mar 1734Monkleigh, Devon, England F109
9 Prust / Ley  1690Monkleigh, Devon, England F2248
10 Yeo / Ley  1664Monkleigh, Devon, England F2089