Biddick, Durham, England



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Anne  3 Nov 1805Biddick, Durham, England I2784
2 Armstrong, John  19 Jul 1800Biddick, Durham, England I2782
3 Armstrong, Mary  1790Biddick, Durham, England I2778
4 Armstrong, Mary  29 Mar 1803Biddick, Durham, England I2783
5 Armstrong, Robert  1792Biddick, Durham, England I2780
6 Armstrong, Thomas  1788Biddick, Durham, England I2777
7 Birtley, Margaret  1803Biddick, Durham, England I2798
8 Carr, Elizabeth  1791Biddick, Durham, England I2809
9 Carr, Mary  1790Biddick, Durham, England I2807
10 Carr, Mary  20 Dec 1801Biddick, Durham, England I2811
11 Carr, Ralph  1794Biddick, Durham, England I2810
12 Carr, Richard  1767Biddick, Durham, England I2806
13 Carr, Richard  19 Jun 1804Biddick, Durham, England I2813
14 Carr, Sarah  1796Biddick, Durham, England I2808
15 Carr, Sarah  25 May 1798Biddick, Durham, England I2812
16 Carr, Thomas  13 Mar 1807Biddick, Durham, England I2814
17 Potter, Anne  1765Biddick, Durham, England I2750
18 Potter, Anne  1790Biddick, Durham, England I2762
19 Potter, Elizabeth  1768Biddick, Durham, England I2751
20 Potter, Emanuel  1793Biddick, Durham, England I2763
21 Potter, Mary  1770Biddick, Durham, England I2741
22 Potter, Robert  1796Biddick, Durham, England I2764
23 Potter, Thomas  1772Biddick, Durham, England I2752
24 Potter, Thomas  1785Biddick, Durham, England I2756
25 Potter, William  1763Biddick, Durham, England I2753
26 Potter, William  1788Biddick, Durham, England I2757
27 Tate, Elizabeth  1737Biddick, Durham, England I2922
28 Tate, Elizabeth  1776Biddick, Durham, England I2747
29 Tate, Jane  1791Biddick, Durham, England I2742
30 Tate, John  1728Biddick, Durham, England I2923
31 Tate, Lancelot  1732Biddick, Durham, England I2743
32 Tate, Lancelot  1793Biddick, Durham, England I275
33 Tate, Mary  1771Biddick, Durham, England I2746
34 Tate, Simon  1734Biddick, Durham, England I2921
35 Tate, Simon  1770Biddick, Durham, England I2745
36 Tate, William  1730Biddick, Durham, England I2924
37 Tate, William  1768Biddick, Durham, England I2740
38 Woodhouse, Mary  1783Biddick, Durham, England I3355


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Mary  Oct 1792Biddick, Durham, England I2778
2 Armstrong, Robert  14 Jul 1805Biddick, Durham, England I2755
3 Armstrong, Thomas  May 1789Biddick, Durham, England I2777
4 Bell, Mary  Feb 1777Biddick, Durham, England I2749
5 Cowley, Dorothy  5 Feb 1810Biddick, Durham, England I2758
6 Potter, Thomas  Jan 1772Biddick, Durham, England I2748
7 Tate, Elizabeth  Aug 1741Biddick, Durham, England I2922
8 Tate, Elizabeth  Nov 1776Biddick, Durham, England I2747
9 Tate, Lancelot  Abt 1 Oct 1738Biddick, Durham, England I2920
10 Tate, Lancelot  Feb 1778Biddick, Durham, England I2743
11 Tate, Mary  Mar 1777Biddick, Durham, England I2746
12 Tate, Simon  Abt Jan 1760Biddick, Durham, England I2921