Nova Scotia, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Sadie  Abt 1883Nova Scotia, Canada I1862
2 Battersby, Bessie May  1886Nova Scotia, Canada I1960
3 Boutilier, Unknown  Abt 1785Nova Scotia, Canada I2837
4 Bown, Maria Susannah  Abt 1823Nova Scotia, Canada I2607
5 Cameron, Sarah  Abt 1811Nova Scotia, Canada I3110
6 Campbell, Annie Ellen  Abt 1842Nova Scotia, Canada I3046
7 Campbell, Catherine  22 Mar 1866Nova Scotia, Canada I1725
8 Daley, Elizabeth  Abt 1826Nova Scotia, Canada I1593
9 Fiander, Abraham  11 Apr 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I2503
10 Forbes, Hannah  26 Nov 1809Nova Scotia, Canada I509
11 Forbes, Letitia  11 Jan 1812Nova Scotia, Canada I2633
12 Fraser, Christiana  Abt 1812Nova Scotia, Canada I2440
13 Gillis, Stephen  Abt 1810Nova Scotia, Canada I3119
14 Graham, Mary  Abt 1838Nova Scotia, Canada I2918
15 Grant, Caroline Elizabeth  Abt 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I3076
16 Grant, Eliza Harriet  Abt 1841Nova Scotia, Canada I3176
17 Grant, George Walter  Abt 1843Nova Scotia, Canada I3041
18 Grant, Henry Charles  Abt 1829Nova Scotia, Canada I3188
19 Grant, John  Abt 1835Nova Scotia, Canada I3343
20 Hill, Sarah Jane  18 Sep 1843Nova Scotia, Canada I3177
21 Holland, Angus  Abt 1844Nova Scotia, Canada I2683
22 Jefferson, Eleanor Leaver  Abt 1820Nova Scotia, Canada I1923
23 Kane, Michael  Abt 1830Nova Scotia, Canada I3924
24 Kennedy, David  Abt 1834Nova Scotia, Canada I1786
25 Kennedy, Eliza Jane  Abt 1824Nova Scotia, Canada I2478
26 Larder, Llewellyn Horatio  13 Aug 1831Nova Scotia, Canada I3675
27 MacDonald, John  Abt 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I400
28 MacDonald, Mary  Abt 1825Nova Scotia, Canada I716
29 MacDonald, Ronald  Abt 1825Nova Scotia, Canada I2699
30 MacDonnell, Thomas  Abt 1800Nova Scotia, Canada I2734
31 MacKinnon, Eoin "Jonathan"  Abt 1840Nova Scotia, Canada I2343
32 Martell, Adelaide  Abt 1837Nova Scotia, Canada I1883
33 McKay, Elizabeth  Abt 1830Nova Scotia, Canada I2845
34 McLean, Ann  Abt 1839Nova Scotia, Canada I1290
35 McLeod?, Mary Anna  Abt 1858Nova Scotia, Canada I2959
36 McNeil, Michael  Abt 1829Nova Scotia, Canada I1289
37 Morrison, Isabella  Abt 1850Nova Scotia, Canada I3047
38 Morrison, Mary Ann  Abt 1847Nova Scotia, Canada I3175
39 Murrant, Thomas  Abt 1815Nova Scotia, Canada I560
40 Nicholson, Mercy  Abt 1840Nova Scotia, Canada I3676
41 O'Neil, John  Abt 1807Nova Scotia, Canada I2545
42 Peters, Charles  Abt 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I1887
43 Peters, William  Abt 1838Nova Scotia, Canada I3935
44 Petrie, James  Abt 1813Nova Scotia, Canada I2842
45 Quan, Richard  Abt 1830Nova Scotia, Canada I2895
46 Ross, Jessie  Abt 1862Nova Scotia, Canada I1867
47 Shaw, Mary Ann  Abt 1832Nova Scotia, Canada I3351
48 Tutty, Charles Archibald  Abt 1840Nova Scotia, Canada I2512
49 Unknown, (father of Mrs. Elizabeth Schuchardt)  Abt 1770Nova Scotia, Canada I506
50 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt 1795Nova Scotia, Canada I534

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Battersby, Bessie May  1978Nova Scotia, Canada I1960
2 Bouteiller, George  Bef 1758Nova Scotia, Canada I3624
3 Boutilier, Susan Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1866Nova Scotia, Canada I51
4 Campbell, Hector  Between 1871 and 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I647
5 Forbes, Hannah  Aft 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I509
6 Fromont, Suzanne  1 Oct 1752Nova Scotia, Canada I3269
7 Kennedy, Eliza Jane  Aft 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I2478
8 MacDonald, Archibald  Nova Scotia, Canada I326
9 MacDonald, Eoin  Nova Scotia, Canada I720
10 MacDonald, Finlay  Nova Scotia, Canada I531
11 MacDonald, Margaret  Nova Scotia, Canada I850
12 Maillard, Anne Catherine  Aft 1791Nova Scotia, Canada I173
13 Mariette, Étienne  Nova Scotia, Canada I576
14 Rigoulot, Anne Marie  ca 1755Nova Scotia, Canada I572
15 Rigoulot, Catherine Elisabeth  Abt 1 Jul 1753Nova Scotia, Canada I574
16 Rigoulot, Marie Elisabeth  Aft 1820Nova Scotia, Canada I33
17 Rigoulot, Vernier Frédéric  Abt 1756Nova Scotia, Canada I31
18 Silber, Maria Louisa Barbara  Nova Scotia, Canada I551
19 Slauenwhite, Susannah Elizabeth  Nova Scotia, Canada I207
20 Vuillemin, Anne Catherine  1753Nova Scotia, Canada I5687
21 Wadden, Margaret  Bef 1860Nova Scotia, Canada I999


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Boutilier  Abt 1862Nova Scotia, Canada F893
2 Andrews / Lewis  1870Nova Scotia, Canada F1238
3 Bellworth / Ley  Abt 2 Jul 1817Nova Scotia, Canada F44
4 Bolin / Boutilier  1860Nova Scotia, Canada F1047
5 Boutilier / Lewis  Abt 1810Nova Scotia, Canada F1105
6 Boutilier / Slauenwhite  11 Mar 1794Nova Scotia, Canada F69
7 Casey / Morrison  Abt 1894Nova Scotia, Canada F162
8 Casey / Russell  Nova Scotia, Canada F187
9 Etter / Morse  1815Nova Scotia, Canada F1980
10 Ley / Hall  Abt 2 Jul 1817Nova Scotia, Canada F94
11 MacDonald / Beaton  Abt 1880Nova Scotia, Canada F663
12 MacDonald / MacDonald  Abt 1843Nova Scotia, Canada F145
13 MacDonald / MacDonald  Abt 1890Nova Scotia, Canada F363
14 MacDonald / MacInnis  Abt 1809Nova Scotia, Canada F63
15 MacDonald / MacInnis  Abt 1861Nova Scotia, Canada F146
16 MacDougall / MacInnis  Abt 1820Nova Scotia, Canada F277
17 MacEachern / MacDonnell  Nova Scotia, Canada F1230
18 MacEachern / MacInnis  Abt 1805Nova Scotia, Canada F447
19 MacInnis / MacDonald  Bef 1881Nova Scotia, Canada F364
20 MacInnis / MacEachern  Abt 1807Nova Scotia, Canada F77
21 MacKinnon / MacDonald  Abt 1838Nova Scotia, Canada F141
22 MacQuarrie / MacDonald  Abt 1840Nova Scotia, Canada F124
23 Sutherland / MacInnis  Abt 1820Nova Scotia, Canada F80


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Etter / Morse  1826Nova Scotia, Canada F1980