Northam, Devon, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Julian  1687Northam, Devon, England I4909
2 Beaple, Etheldred  1622Northam, Devon, England I4501
3 Beaple, Ethelred  1583Northam, Devon, England I3916
4 Beaple, Joan  1616Northam, Devon, England I4499
5 Beaple, John  1611Northam, Devon, England I4497
6 Beaple, Philip (Philippa)  1618Northam, Devon, England I4500
7 Beaple, Wilmot  1613Northam, Devon, England I4498
8 Clarke, Elizabeth  1608Northam, Devon, England I4527
9 Clarke, Mary  1611Northam, Devon, England I4528
10 Clarke, Peternell  1613Northam, Devon, England I4529
11 Garland, Christian  May 1650Northam, Devon, England I4971
12 Garland, Robert  Apr 1646Northam, Devon, England I4969
13 Garland, Sarah  Dec 1647Northam, Devon, England I4970
14 Hayman, Grace  1593Northam, Devon, England I3918
15 Hayman, Wilmot  1582Northam, Devon, England I3915
16 Ley, Alexander  1744Northam, Devon, England I817
17 Ley, John  1739Northam, Devon, England I667
18 Ley, Margaret  1746Northam, Devon, England I328
19 Ley, Mary  1751Northam, Devon, England I332
20 Ley, Patience  1737Northam, Devon, England I661
21 Ley, Peter  1748Northam, Devon, England I322
22 Ley, Thomas  1741Northam, Devon, England I330
23 Moysey, Joan  1600Northam, Devon, England I3824
24 Moysey, John  1605Northam, Devon, England I3830
25 Moysey, William  1602Northam, Devon, England I4483
26 Vernam, Agnes  1584Northam, Devon, England I4559
27 Vernam, Agnes  1620Northam, Devon, England I4508
28 Vernam, Anne (Agnes)  1629Northam, Devon, England I3828
29 Vernam, Arthur  1635Northam, Devon, England I3829
30 Vernam, Cecily  1587Northam, Devon, England I4565
31 Vernam, Christian  1581Northam, Devon, England I4562
32 Vernam, Christian  1615Northam, Devon, England I4505
33 Vernam, Edward  1590Northam, Devon, England I4558
34 Vernam, Edward  1629Northam, Devon, England I4493
35 Vernam, Edward  1630Northam, Devon, England I4491
36 Vernam, Elizabeth  1624Northam, Devon, England I4489
37 Vernam, Etheldred  1632Northam, Devon, England I4494
38 Vernam, Etheldred  1660Northam, Devon, England I4930
39 Vernam, Joan  1621Northam, Devon, England I4488
40 Vernam, Johane  1578Northam, Devon, England I4561
41 Vernam, John  1576Northam, Devon, England I4557
42 Vernam, John  1612Northam, Devon, England I4507
43 Vernam, John  1617Northam, Devon, England I4504
44 Vernam, John  1640Northam, Devon, England I4615
45 Vernam, John  1664Northam, Devon, England I4932
46 Vernam, Patience  1642Northam, Devon, England I4616
47 Vernam, Richard  1592Northam, Devon, England I4560
48 Vernam, Richard  1628Northam, Devon, England I3827
49 Vernam, Robert  1644Northam, Devon, England I4617
50 Vernam, Thomas  1583Northam, Devon, England I4563

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beaple, Ethelred  1647Northam, Devon, England I3916
2 Beaple, John  1642Northam, Devon, England I4497
3 Beaple, Philip (Philippa)  Oct 1692Northam, Devon, England I4500
4 Cade, Elizabeth  1654Northam, Devon, England I4495
5 Clarke, Peternell  1613Northam, Devon, England I4529
6 Cocke, Wilmot  1640Northam, Devon, England I4513
7 Edward(?), Orishe  1615Northam, Devon, England I4484
8 Garland, Christian  1678Northam, Devon, England I4971
9 Hayman, Grace  1659Northam, Devon, England I3918
10 Ley, Peter  Feb 1749Northam, Devon, England I322
11 Moysey, John  Abt 26 Jan 1605Northam, Devon, England I3826
12 Tracey, Susan  Sep 1668Northam, Devon, England I3917
13 Unknown, Agnes  Feb 1627Northam, Devon, England I4614
14 Vernam, Anne (Agnes)  1633Northam, Devon, England I3828
15 Vernam, Cecily  1589Northam, Devon, England I4565
16 Vernam, Christian  1606Northam, Devon, England I4562
17 Vernam, Christian  1685Northam, Devon, England I4505
18 Vernam, Edward  1629Northam, Devon, England I4493
19 Vernam, Elizabeth  1706Northam, Devon, England I4489
20 Vernam, John  1606Northam, Devon, England I4555
21 Vernam, John  1614Northam, Devon, England I4507
22 Vernam, Richard  1661Northam, Devon, England I4560
23 Vernam, Walter  1586Northam, Devon, England I4564


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Tracey, Susan  23 Sep 1668Northam, Devon, England I3917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Clarke, Thomas  Northam, Devon, England I4526
2 Vernam, Arthur  Northam, Devon, England I3829
3 Whitefield, John  Northam, Devon, England I599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Whitefield, Patience  17 Mar 1734Northam, Devon, England I596


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beaple / Vernam  12 Nov 1610Northam, Devon, England F1506
2 Clarke / Edward(?)  1607Northam, Devon, England F1757
3 Darracott / Vernam  16 Sep 1669Northam, Devon, England F1820
4 Garland / Vernam  2 Jul 1645Northam, Devon, England F1909
5 Ley / Baker  1723Northam, Devon, England F1889
6 Prust / Vernam  1646Northam, Devon, England F1760
7 Vernam / Hayman  20 Jan 1612Northam, Devon, England F1770
8 Vernam / Hayman  28 Nov 1622Northam, Devon, England F1508
9 Vernam / Tracey  27 Apr 1620Northam, Devon, England F1507
10 Vernam / Yeo  1692Northam, Devon, England F1894